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Crescent Beach Condominium Board of Director's has put in effect a policy that would allow remodeling of units with the least amount of impact on our residents. This policy will benefit all owners.

Any change made to your unit requires written approval from the Board. Florida Building Code Section 104.1 requires permits. Call the Building Department to clarify the work and whether a permit is required.  Marco Island ordinance 01-36 Section states all construction within city limits must be performed and supervised by a licensed general, building or residential contractor.


Important: There is a $500.00 security deposit required by the contractor prior to commencement. All work must be completed by September 30. If contractor is still in building after September 30; contractor will be fined $100 per day.

Make sure your contractor carries sufficient insurance to protect you from liability if an accident or damage to common areas should occur. Inform your contractor to be careful of sprinkler heads in the lobby and especially the entrance to your unit. Have your contractor stop in at the office to inform us when they arrive. The elevator must be padded before they can begin working.


When renovation is in progress one elevator must have protective covering and be used for contractors to bring in supplies. This can be an inconvenience to owners since only one elevator is in use. Therefore, the Association wants all remodeling done by September 30. Only units that require immediate attention have the right to make repairs to correct the problem after that date.


No renovation or deliveries of any kind are permitted on weekends or holidays. The only exception is an emergency, and you must notify the office.


Beginning October 1 to May 1 construction as listed will not be permitted.

  1. Removal and installation of tile

  2. Removal and installation of cabinets

  3. Removal of interior walls

  4. Removal of bathroom tubs or shower stalls

  5. Removal and installation of counter tops

  6. New installation and replacement of storm shutters and sliders.


The following work is permitted during the year.

  1. Painting or wall papering

  2. Replacement of faucets

  3. Replacement of appliances

  4. Replacement of carpeting

  5. Replacement of mirrors     

  6. Replacement of hot water tanks

  7. Repairs to storm shutters and sliders


Prior to occupying your unit after renovation, you will need from your contractor a Certificate of Completion from the City of Marco Island. This is to ensure that your unit is up to code and no damage can occur to other units.

For questions or further information please call the office at 239-642-0100.

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