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Notice of Arrival:

All Unit Owners are required to complete and submit the Notice of Arrival form at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled arrival.

You may submit the completed form via our website at You can also download a copy and submit by:


If by mail, please allow extra days in order to ensure receipt 48 hours prior to arrival of occupant.

 Upon arrival : Sign In at

Upon departure : Sign Out at

  • 1) Entry:
    a) The electronic keys are called “fobs” and are required for opening doors to the lobby, the party room, the gates to the pool and the outside doors to the stairwells. Conventional keys will not work in these locks, but remain needed to the storage area and the exercise rooms. The office retains a passkey to all units. No owner may alter a lock, nor install a new one. b) Two fobs are provided to each unit. Additional ones are available for $50.00 each. Your tenant’s fob must be returned to you or to the office before leaving. Your tenant must not give a fob to a real estate agent. c) The entrances, vestibules and hallways are common areas and must be used only for entering or leaving the Condominium. d) To allow visitors access to the building you must first add your phone number to the telephone access directory. You will be alerted via phone call from telephone number (239) 642-6793 when he/she has dialed your assigned directory code. Answer the call, press “9” on your phone this releases the security lock and the door will then open. e) Owners must park in their assigned parking space. Owners who have two cars must have a letter stating they have permission to park in another owner’s space. The office must be informed and given a copy of the letter. No commercial vehicles are permitted on the premises except those used by contractors. f) The common areas must not be obstructed, littered, defaced or misused in any manner. No property such as bicycles, carriages, chairs, clothing or shoes may be left or stored in common areas. Belongings must be kept within the unit or within the storage closet assigned to the unit, not in the hall outside your door. g) Sand and salt are corrosive! Please take care to remove sand from everything that has been at the beach before entering the building. There are two stations for this purpose on the way in.
  • 2) Leaving your Unit:
    a) Set the thermostat to Auto Cool at 78 degrees. b) Turn the water off, even if you will be gone only one night. There are two levers along the pipe feeding the water heater. The water is off when the handles lie perpendicular to their pipes. c) 8th floor unit owners: Do not turn off the large valves above the water heater because they shut off water to the higher floors. d) Turn off electricity to the water heater, either by the switch at the heater or by the circuit breaker in the junction box. e) Open tub or sink faucets to relieve pressure in the pipes. f) Dispose of all perishables in your refrigerator and freezer and empty the ice bin if you will be gone for an extended period of time. g) Storm shutter switches should be returned to their neutral position to avoid damaging the motor in case of an electrical surge, as in a lightning strike. h) Be sure all windows and doors are closed and locked. i) Move balcony furniture inside to avoid mold, even if you have storm shutters. j) Car key. The office must have a key to your car when you are away so we can move it if necessary.
  • 3) Condo Watch Service:
    To detect a problem early and minimize damage to owners' units and adjacent units, a weekly inspection is required for units that are unoccupied for more than 7 days. These checks must be performed by a licensed and insured or bonded inspector. The name and contact number of the inspector along with the above required credentials must be provided to the office.
  • 4) Lobby/ Elevator Rules:
    a) No smoking. b) No bare feet. c) No wet bathing suits d) No open containers. e) Cover-up required
  • 5) Pool:
    Click here to view Pool Rules
  • 6) No Cell Phone Use at Pool/Spa & Deck Area:
    All persons using cell phones at the pool/spa and deck area must take their conversation to the screened area around the Social Room or BBQ area. These conversations are disruptive and impolite to other people that are here to relax.
  • 7) Tennis and Pickle Ball Courts:
    a) Who may play: Crescent Beach occupants and their guests. b) Hours: 8:00 a.m. until sundown. c) Dress: proper tennis attire and tennis shoes. d) No activity except tennis and pickle ball is permitted on the courts. e) No food or drink “except water” is permitted on the courts. f) Please report any damage to the office.
  • 8) Barbecue:
    Please turn off the gas and clean the grill after using it.
  • 9) Fitness Room:
    Please Note: Consult a physician prior to starting any exercise program is recommended a) No cell phone use permitted b) No ESA (Emotional Support Animals) permitted in exercise or weight room) c) No one under the age of 13 is allowed to use the fitness center. Anyone 13-17 years old may use the center if accompanied by an adult. d) Proper attire only, shorts shirts& sneakers. No bathing suits permitted. e) All equipment must be wiped down before & after use. Turn off equipment after use. f) Treadmill use not to exceed 30 minutes per session. g) No personal items are to be stored in the fitness center. h) No equipment to be removed from the room. Please notify the office if there is any equipment in need of repair. i) Turn off the TV, light & fan upon departure.
  • 10) Party/Social Room Rules:
    a) Time limit: 8:00 a.m. through 11:00 p.m. except Christmas and New Year’s Eve, unless permission is granted by Management. b) A $100.00 refundable deposit is required for non-association functions. c) The deposit may not be returned if the party room is not left in as good condition as it was found. d) No loud music. e) No bathing suits. f) Place trash in garbage bags and put them in the trash bin. g) Replace items in the cabinets or drawers where they were found. h) Reserving the party room does not exclude others from using the pool/spa, screened in porch or restrooms through the pool entrance. i) Please do not leave leftover food in refrigerator.
  • 11) Vehicles:
    a) Parking garage: Out of consideration for your neighbors, park your car between the lines. b) Parking at the front entrance is for loading and unloading only and your car must not be left unattended for more than 10 minutes. Avoid stopping in front of the handicapped-access ramp for the obvious reason. c) Boats, trailers, motorcycles, commercial vehicles or recreational vehicles cannot be parked on condominium property. Vehicles in violation will be towed at the owner’s expense. d) Bicycles: Owners who use the bicycle racks must register the bicycle at the office. They will receive a sticker that must be attached to the bicycle. The racks can be used only while the owner is in residence. Store the bicycle elsewhere if you will be away for more than a week. e) No Rollerblading or Skate Boarding is permitted on property.
  • 12) Liability:
    Renovations in your unit may change your insurance needs, so reviewing your policy is recommended. a) Water heaters: The Board has mandated that all hot water heaters and the pan it sits in be replaced every 6 years. The City of Marco Island requires that heaters be hard-wired, rather than plugged in. To do this requires an electrician and a permit. b) “Flood Busters” are devices for detecting water leaks. CB’s Board has mandated Flood Busters for the hot water heater pan, and it is recommended to place a Flood Buster in the air-conditioner pan and for the washer/dryer area. They require a 9-volt battery. Although they have an alarm to indicate low power, the battery should be replaced annually. They can be purchased in the office for $25.00 each. c) Owners must schedule semiannual maintenance with a qualified HVAC contractor and provide documentation of completion to the office. If you use one of the group rate contractors arranged by the Association, this documentation will be supplied to the office by the contractors. d) Washing machines and dishwashers: Original appliances should be replaced. If one fails there is potential for water damage for which you are liable. A dishwasher can leak badly before you are aware of it. e) Ceiling fan blades develop stress cracks in time and may break. Do not leave fans on while you are away as a broken blade could damage a sprinkler head, or worse. f)Failure to Comply: If owner fails to follow the above mandates and damage occurs from owner’s appliance to owner’s unit or others, Owner will be responsible for all damages.
  • 13) Balconies:
    a) Only suitable furniture, planters and plants are to be placed on balconies. b)Do not push dirty water through balcony drains otherwise this will stain the outside walls and dribbles into the unit below. c) Flame producing grills are not permitted. d) Hanging or shaking articles such as rugs or clothing from railings, windows or doors is forbidden. e) Feeding wildlife is prohibited.
  • 14) Domestic Matters:
    a) New appliances: Please have vendors remove old appliances when replacing them, otherwise you will be billed for their removal. b) Put trash into heavy-duty bags and tie them securely before they go into the chute. Do not bag recyclables. Glass and large objects such as pizza boxes must be placed on the floor, not in the chute. Do not place any container of liquid on the control box as a spill can cause a short circuit and disable the system. c) Newspapers must be tied tightly before placing them in the trash chute. Twine for this is available at the office at no charge. d) Garbage Disposals improperly used may cause sewage backups. Do not insert tough or stringy items such as grapefruit or orange peel, bones or shells, banana peels, corn husks, celery, pasta, etc. These have all caused problems in the past. Run plenty of water before and after disposing refuse. e) Dishwashers may not drain after prolonged disuse. Boiling water allowed to sit in the base for a few minutes will often promote normal drainage. f) Toilets: Colored cleaners such as Tidy Bowl will permanently stain grout or carpet if spilled. Don’t use bleach in the tanks because it destroys seals and plastic parts. g) No flammable or explosive substances may be kept in any unit except those used for household purposes. h) Water conservation: The water used at Crescent Beach is metered and we pay for it. The Board urges judicious use of water. i) Children: The unit Owner is responsible for the behavior of visiting children, who must comply with the rules. j) Pets are not permitted. Owners and owner's guests that will bringing Emotional Support Animals (ESA) on property must abide by the Associations policies & procedures which can be obtained from the office.
  • 15) Renovations:
    a) Alterations to your unit must be approved in advance by submitting a Hold Harmless Agreement to the board to assure proper workmanship performed by a licensed Florida general contractor, to avoid damage to the common areas and to ensure compliance with the governing documents. Work may be done between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday, no weekends or holidays permitted. Workers must be informed to sign in and out of the office daily. b) Major or prolonged projects may be done between: May 1 Thru September 30. All Proper Permits must be posted prior to work starting. Crescent Beach Condominium Board of Director's has put in effect a policy that would allow remodeling of units with the least amount of impact on our residents. This policy will benefit all owners. Any change made to your unit requires written approval from the Board. Florida Building Code Section 104.1 requires permits. Call the Building Department to clarify the work and whether a permit is required. Marco Island ordinance 01-36 Section104.4.1.6 states all construction within city limits must be performed and supervised by a licensed general, building or residential contractor. Important: There is a $500.00 security deposit required by the contractor prior to commencement. All work must be completed by September 30. If contractor is still in building after September 30; contractor will be fined $100 per day. Make sure your contractor carries sufficient insurance to protect you from liability if an accident or damage to common areas should occur. Inform your contractor to be careful of sprinkler heads in the lobby and especially the entrance to your unit. Have your contractor stop in at the office to inform us when they arrive. The elevator must be padded before they can begin working. When renovation is in progress one elevator must have protective covering and be used for contractors to bring in supplies. This can be an inconvenience to owners since only one elevator is in use. Therefore, the Association wants all remodeling done by September 30. Only units that require immediate attention have the right to make repairs to correct the problem after that date. Beginning October 1 to May 1 construction as listed will not be permitted. 1. Removal and installation of tile 2. Removal and installation of cabinets 3. Removal and installation of interior walls 4. Removal and installation of bathroom tubs or shower stalls 5. Removal and installation of counter tops 6. New installation and replacement of storm shutters and sliders. The following work is permitted during the year. 1. Painting or wall papering 2. Replacement of faucets 3. Replacement of appliances 4. Replacement of carpeting 5. Replacement of mirrors 6. Replacement of hot water tanks 7. Repairs to storm shutters and sliders Prior to occupying your unit after renovation, you will need from your contractor a Certificate of Completion from the City of Marco Island. This is to ensure that your unit is up to code and no damage can occur to other units.
  • 16) Leasing:
    a)No leasing from June 1 trhough September 30: Leasing a unit requires prior approval of the Board and a fee of $150.00. b)There is a 60-day minimum requirement, not to exceed 4 leases per year, per unit.
  • 17) Owner to Owner:
    a) An owner can only engage in 3 Owner to Owner Leases of 30 days or less in 1 calendar year. b) The total number of overnight occupants is 4, regardless of number of bedrooms. c) Owner is required to submit 10 day notice prior to the first day of occupancy
  • 18) Owner's Use:
    a) Two persons per bedroom plus two persons, provided that sofa is available for sleeping. b) Houseguests are permitted to occupy the unit in absence of the unit owner for a period not to exceed 30 days. The number of occasions for this type of guest occupancy shall be limited to 4 times in any 12-month period. The office must be notified in advance of such occupancy. c)No summer rentals from June 1 thru September 30.
  • 19) Health/Medical Issues:
    The Board has instructed Crescent Beach Employees not to assist anyone with medical/health issues either in a unit or on property, as this could be a liability to the association. Our employees are not trained personnel for any of these situations. The employee could hurt themselves or the injured/ill person, if not handled properly. People in need of medical care must call 9-1-1 for assistance.
  • 20) Deliveries:
    a) When in residence: If any owner is having furniture, appliances, etc. delivered to their unit please inform the office so that the elevator can be padded. Remember:Delivery hours are 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday. No holiday or weekend deliveries. The only exception is an emergency, and you must notify the office. b) When not in residence: Please do not ship packages, unless delivery is scheduled within the same week of your arrival.
  • 21) Disposal of Furniture:
    a) St. Mathews House – 774-0500 b) Salvation Army – 774-0721 c) Habitat for Humanity – Pick-up – 732-6388 d) 1800-Got-Junk – 1800-468-5865
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