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Pool Rules


  1. “The pool area” refers to the outdoor area bounded by the building and the walls enclosing the pool, spa, deck and walkways, including the sundeck. Use of the pool area constitutes knowledge of and agreement to comply with all pool area rules.

  2. There is no lifeguard, pool area use is at your own risk.

  3. Pool Hours: Dawn to Dusk

  4. Per county code, the maximum people allowed in CB’s pool is 24; and 4 in the hot tub.

  5. Owners should limit the number of guests to the pool area to no more than 4 guests that are not residing at CB.

  6. No food or glass is permitted in the pool area.

  7. Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult who will be held responsible for their conduct.

  8. Children in diapers are permitted in the water only with leak-proof pants over diapers. 

  9. Shower before entering the water to remove oil and sand.

  10. No rafts or large flotation devices are permitted in pool.

  11. Annoying behavior at the pool or in the social room will not be tolerated. Yelling and screaming, ball playing, jumping or diving into the pool, running and other forms of horseplay are prohibited. Parents will be asked to remove their children under these circumstances.

  12. Audio devices are permitted only if used with earphones. 

  13. No cell phone conversations anywhere in the pool area or decks. 

  14. No food is permitted in the pool area, the lanai adjacent to the social room may be used for eating.

  15. No drinking beverages of any kind while in the pool or spa,

  16. Do not swallow the pool water.

  17. Chairs may not be reserved. Belongings left unoccupied on deck furniture will be removed by management and placed in the barbecue area.

  18. Do not remove pool deck furniture from the pool area.

  19. No smoking in the pool area, the designated smoking area is on the SW corner of the south parking garage.

  20. No animals are permitted in the pool area. 

  21. Owners of items stored under the sundeck must remove them when they vacate their unit.

  22. No dirty diapers are to be left in bathrooms.

  23. Do not open the beach gate for anyone you don’t know.

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