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Before you complete the social room request form please review Social Room Reserved Days Calendar. 

Upon completion, please remember to submit your refundable check of $100 for approval.

Social Room Request Application

The undersigned have been given permission to utilize the social room for a social function on

If you are requesting to reserve the social room for more than 1 day consecutively please type below the dates and time.

Crescent Beach Condominium Association, Inc. has granted permission in consideration of a refundable deposit charged by the Association; in consideration of the undersigned signing of this form. A $100 refundable deposit is required for non-association functions. The deposit may not be returned if the party room is not left in as good condition as it was found.

Please do not leave left over food in the refrigerator and make sure floor is cleaned. Cleaning supplies will be left in the back room in order for the social room to be cleaned after use.

The undersigned agree to hold harmless and indemnity the Association, its officers, directors, members, agents or employees from any claims, demands, suits, or judgments, including attorney’s fees against it or them by any common elements on the specified date.  The undersigned releases the Association, its officers, directors, members, agents or employees; will not assert any claims against those parties resulting from their use of the common elements on the date which is stated above.

The undersigned will be responsible for all inventory items stored in locked cabinets and any items damaged or broken and room to be left clean.

The undersigned understands that any function in the Party Room area must be concluded by 11:00 p.m.

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